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Established in 1982.

Snuggling with the Snuggle Puppie

Pictured at 3 1/2 weeks old.

Sire: Ch. Minstrel's Mannheim Steamroller
Dam: Ch. Brentwood's Moody Blues

Before I could put her and the Snuggle Puppie into the
 whelping box she climbed up and fell asleep. It was love at first sight!



She never woke up - even when I lifted her and the Snuggle Puppie back into the whelping box!


The Snuggle Puppie:

Simulates a parent's warmth and heartbeat. Comes with two 20-hr heat packs and a long-life, battery-operated heart. When enclosed in the Velcro secure tummy the heart feels and sounds like the real thing.

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